Olympics Marseille and Monaco did not win a spectacular draw at Velodrome

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The teams of Olympique Marseille and Monaco scored four goals but did not win the Velodrome derby from the 23rd round of League 1 finishing 2:2. So the Marseille team broke their series of four losses against the `Monegasque`, though it did not succeed. Guests from Monaco found their way into the 4th minute when Balde Keita scored. Only four minutes later Adyl Remy managed to level with his head. In the following minutes, the hosts exerted pressure, which rewarded in the 47th minute when Monaco`s former player Valler Germain drew his team up in the score after finding Pye`s centering center. The guests reached the draw in the 51st minute through Fabigno who took advantage of a mistake in the defense of the Marseille team. The result advised by football highlights was kept to a close, although there were no situations in front of both doors.

With this draw, Marseille was second with 48 points, as well as Lyon. Monaco is fourth with 47.


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