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Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has responded to speculation linking him to coaching the Merseysiders. The Rangers coach is the favorite to succeed Jurgen Klopp at Anfield. After a series of poor results by world football rankings of the `reds` and the option of Klopp to take over the German national team, after Joachim Loew announced his retirement in the summer, his candidacy became increasingly relevant. In addition to Gerard`s status in Liverpool, he has already proven himself in his first job as a manager, leading the Rangers to Scotland`s first title in ten years. `We shouldn`t talk about it because we have one of the best managers at the helm of the club. I love him. I hope he stays for many more years. I have a job here at Rangers. I don`t think it helps. to talk about it and I hope Jurgen will stay for a long time `, commented Gerard.

`Liverpool is my club. I had a great trip with him. Is it a dream to one day be Liverpool`s manager? Yes, that`s right, but not yet and who can say if I`ll be good enough. There are many coaches around the world`We must respect Jurgen, ` he added.

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