Football predictions Tursunov on leaving Radukan for Bencic: I left Emma regardless of whether someone else was available or not

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Dmitry Tursunov told why he ended his collaboration with Emma Radukanu. He was asked if it was true that he left Radukanu because of an offer to join Belinda Bencic`s team.

No, it`s not. This is absolutely not true. I walked away from Emma whether anyone else was available or not. We didn`t agree on the terms, and there were some warning signs that couldn`t be ignored. Therefore, reading such things is a little unpleasant. I didn`t jump from one player to another, I wouldn`t do that.

The trial period ended at the US Open, but I stayed to see if I could change something. I really wanted everything to work out.

First of all, Emma is just wonderful, hardworking, doesn`t think or act like a superstar. She yearns to improve and is obsessed with tennis. I think it`s a pretty rare combination. So I really enjoyed working with her and I really wanted us to succeed. It was very difficult for me to leave a player that I love and respect.

It seems to me that working with her should take at least a year, I would even say 2, 5, so that everything will be fine. Of course, it`s hard to understand, because she has already won the US Open, but I think that her game advised by good football win predictions is still very raw, and there is a lot of work to be done. It will take time, but as I told her and everyone on her team, I think she only needs one person to tell her what to do. If that doesn`t work, then you need to look for other options.

But she has incredible potential: she is talented, well prepared physically and very coordinated, so she succeeds in what many other players cannot do. The base is very good, but even with it it is easy to spoil everything. Therefore, it seemed to me that this could be an interesting project, but when you take on something for a long time, you want to understand that you will definitely work for this entire period. But, of course, because of her situation with the coaches, certain thoughts unwittingly visit . . . So I really hoped to find a solution so that we could continue to work, so I stayed for a few weeks after the trial period. But in the end we couldn`t agree, so I had to leave. It`s not about Belinda.

Tursunov on leaving Radukan for Bencic: I left Emma regardless of whether someone else was available or not Football predictions - more details and information: Football predictions

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