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The Atalanta and Juventus teams play 0:1 in their match against the 1/2-Cup final advised by good football win predictions of Italy. The result of the match found Gonzalo Iguaine in the 3 rd minute.

Atalanta bets Alejandro Gomes and Andreas Cornelius in an attack, and behind them will support Brian Cristiante.

Juve is betting on a three-attack circuit in the face of Gonzalo Igguin, Mario Manjukic and Douglas Kosta. In the middle of the field will be the trio Miralem Pianic, Sami Kedera and Bless Matthew.

Juventus was able to lead in the second minute when Gonzalo Iguain jumped into a shooting position but his shot was saved by Eritz Berisha. A minute later, however, the Argentine took advantage of Atalanta`s defense, took the ball in the middle of the pitch, advanced and calmly scored for 0:1. Atalanta tried to respond to the challenge and in the 9th minute Alejandro Gomez made a blow but did not find the goal.

In the 23rd minute, the hosts claimed a penalty kick for Medi Benatiya`s hand in the penalty lap. Judge Paolo Valeri asked the VAR system and pointed at the white point. Gomez hired to execute the penalty, but Canluigi Buffon saved his shot.

In the 28th minute Juve could double his lead. Matia De Shilio centers on the land for the Igua`in, who shoots from the traffic but over the door.

35 minutes into the match, the visitors put themselves ahead 1 - 0 as the ball was level at the top of the net, but Bless Matthewi was as fast as a snake, grabbing the ball from under his nose.

The start of the second half began with a chance for Atalanta. Alejandro Gomez slipped into the penalty area and struck but right in Buffon`s hands. The teams of the two teams:

ATALANTA:Berisha, Toloi, Palomino, Massiello, Hateboer, De Roon, Fruhler, Castane, Kristente, Cornelius, Gomes

BUFON, DE SHILIO, Chinelli, Sandro, Matthew, Pianich, Kedira, Kosta, Manjukic, Igwain


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