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The first racket of the world, Iga Sventek, said that she loves to listen to Taylor Swift.

From the Folklore album, I really like the song Seven. I also like the Evermore album. From there. . . God, my head, as usual, is empty! (Laughs. )

Of these two albums, I definitely like Willow, Cardigan, but these seem to be the most popular songs. . .

And Champagne Problems. Oh yeah! That`s all I would say. I like listening to the whole album too. But these are my favorite.

She also shared her opinion about the new Midnights album.

Some of the songs are very catchy, but that`s normal for Taylor Swift. Her work shows how talented she is. But, to be honest, in terms of atmosphere, I would prefer Folklore and Evermore, sorry! I think this album is more pop. I love everything she does, even country albums, which are not that popular. I`m definitely Swifty.

And I also like Lana Del Rey. They are both my favorite singers.

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