Football tips Piqué launches 7v7 media league in Spain with Casillas and Kunisports Agüero

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Spain is preparing to launch a media football league.

The founders of the project, called Kings League, are former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and popular Spanish influencer Ibai Llanos.

12 teams will take part in the tournament, the matches will be held in a 7vs7 format.

The presidents of the clubs will be popular bloggers, YouTubers, journalists and football stars, including Sergio Aguero, whose team is called Kunisports, and Iker Casillas, who will manage the 1K club.

The creators of the Kings League are planning to add some elements from other sports to the traditional football rules, such as the draft.

Each team will have 12 players, 10 of whom will be drafted on December 27. The 11th player will be selected by the club prediction by football predictions presidents for the entire season, while the 12th will rotate regularly.

It is expected that Chicharito, Ruben de la Red, Raul Tamudo and other famous football players will play in the tournament, among others.

The start of the Kings League is scheduled for January 1, 2023.

Photo: twitter/KingsLeague
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