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Toto Wolff spoke about Mercedes` disappointments in recent seasons.

In 2021, Lewis Hamilton lost the title to Max Verstappen after a mistake by former race director Michael Masi at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This season, Mercedes did not compete with Red Bull and took third place in the Constructors` Championship.

Wolff answered the question which season was more painful for the German team.

The past, without any doubt, because then we performed well. And the way it all ended - in a couple of seconds we realized that this was the end. The outcome was not in our hands. And I lost control for the first time since I was a teenager. In terms of my sense of integrity, this was completely contrary to my values.

This season has not been as intense in terms of emotions - we knew from the very beginning that the car was not good enough. We understood the problem gradually. It`s like an onion - you peel off a layer, but there`s always another one.

Then we started making correlations to understand where our not-so-good machine might be performing. And the team focused on specific tracks, while on the rest - say, in Abu Dhabi - in a sense, minimizing losses.

These are the consequences of our actions, and last year in Abu Dhabi it was not like that. We understand that we were wrong, and others did better. This season is an absolute meritocracy, and that`s normal, " Wolff said.

The specialist also shared his opinion on Hamilton`s performance in 2022:

I think he`s very, very good this year. You would expect a world champion who had his title taken away to come back and destroy everyone, but we didn`t give him a fast enough car.

He supported us with his energy, and sometimes it was difficult for him. As for the winning season record, I don`t think it`s very important. The main thing is to prepare for next year.

They work very well with George [Russell], helping to develop the car together. I`ve known him (Hamilton) well for 10 years and he`s an exceptional person. On a personal level, it`s better than any of his performances on the track. From my point of view, his attitude and mindset this year have been outstanding.

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