Football predictions Erik ten Hag: Manchester United haven`t won a trophy for too long. We will do everything to win him, this is the best feeling

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Erik ten Hag will do anything to bring a trophy to Manchester United.

On Wednesday, January 25, the Mancunians will play Nottingham Forest in the semi-final of the League Cup.

Winning a trophy is the best feeling you can experience.

I`ve been lucky enough to win a few trophies in my career and that`s great, especially for the fans. I think the local fans have some experience with this, especially the older ones.

But this is a period when Manchester United are not winning trophies, and the last one was too long ago. "We are aware of this fact and must do everything to win the trophy, " said the Manchester United coach.

Manchester United won its last trophy in 2017 - the Europa League.
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