Football tipsters Valverde`s wife mourned the child for a month during pregnancy: He was considered unviable, we were preparing for the worst. But yesterday unexpected news came - he is fine

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Federico Valverde`s wife spoke about the problems in the footballer`s family.

Earlier, the Real Madrid midfielder noted that his performances after the World Cup were affected, among other things, by personal reasons, which his wife, Argentine journalist Mina Bonino, also hinted at on social networks. There were reports in the media that the couple had lost a child. After Real`s victory in the final predicted by football predictions partners of the Club World Cup, in which Valverde scored a brace and celebrated one of his goals with a gesture depicting a baby bottle (with this gesture, football players usually hint at the imminent birth of a child in the family - approx. ), the girl spoke about what happened intheir family.

Recently there was news that I lost my child. I couldn`t refute them because that`s what we thought. The child was considered non-viable. For a month we prepared for the worst.

The pregnancy was at an advanced stage, and we needed confirmation through tests. And now, after a month of grief and tears, yesterday we received the most unexpected news: the child is fine. Everything is fine.

We still haven`t figured it out. It`s been a very difficult month, and now everything is starting with a clean slate, " Bonino wrote.

Federico Valverde and Mina Bonino are already raising a son, Benicio, who was born in 2020.

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