Basel walked away with a high head of the Champions League

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The Basel team won a 2-1 victory in their visit to Manchester City in the match of the 1/8 final in the Champions League. This success was only an honor because the Swiss lost their first match on their own field with 0:4 and the total score of the two matches is 2:5, which means that the `Citizens` keep going. Etihad guests, however, leave with a high head of the tournament, defeating the leader in the Premier League standings on his pitch. Gabriel Jesus gave the hosts a lead in the 8th minute, but Muhammad Elusouchi in the 17th and Michael Lang in the 72nd minute brought the turn in favor of the guests. Josep Guardiola had given some key players a break. He bet on the trio in the top positions of Gabriel Jesus, Bernardo Silva and Leroy Sane. In the middle of the pitch, the game was built by Ilkay Gundogan, Toure Yaya and Philip Foden.

The guests were out in front with Dimitri Oberlin, who was supported by Kevin Bua and Mohamed Elunusiy. In the middle, Luca Tufi and Serezo Die started.

Manchester City opened the game with its first good attack. In the 8th minute Loroy Sane advanced through the center and handed over to Bernardo Silva on the right wing. He succeeded in several defenders to pass to uncovered Gabriel Jesus, who narrowly scored for 1:0.

In the 16th minute Ilkay Gundogan was found behind the door but his shot was blocked by the goal keeper.

In the 17th minute Basel equalized the score with his first chance in the game. Reveros advanced to the left and returned the ball to Elunusi, who did not leave Claudio Bravo for 1:1 with a very good shot.

In the 31st minute, the visitors received a foul on the corner of the penalty area. Oberlin decided to shoot at the point but sent the ball to the side of the goal. The second half began with a rather sluggish game. In the first fifteen minutes before the two doors, nothing remembered happened.

The visitors stood their way and hit the ball in the 72th minute. Elunusiy was left to keep the ball in the left and for a long time, then slipped into the penalty area for Lang in the penalty area, and he hit the ball in the 1:2 corner. In the 80th minute the hosts had a great opportunity to return to the match. Brahim Diaz received the ball near the door and sent a small angle, but keeper Vazlik kept his door. Eventually the meeting ended with this result mentioned by football rankings and Basel defended its honor, even though it dropped out of the race. Manchester City continues ahead and can now wait for the 1/4 draw to draw.



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