Alegri:Now it`s important not to lose the bone

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Juventus has finally succeeded in pushing Napoli out of first place in Serie A, but coach Massimiliano Allegri warned it was too early to celebrate. The Bianconers have a point ahead, and on Wednesday they take Atalanta in a post-match which is a chance to move 4 points to Maurizio Sarri. `We are in the lead for just a few days and we must be careful not to lose the bone, ` said Alegri today.

`We have to do it step by step because Napoli is still here and has a huge chance of winning the championship via football rankings - yet we have a direct match, ` continued the champion. - Neapolitanians have 70 points and are able to win all of their ten fights to the end - that is, to finish with 100 points. This may be the title for the title. We are facing very difficult fights and that is why we should only think what is ahead of us tomorrow. We have to take the three points. Atalanta is one of the rivals who always cause us problems both because of his strong physics and the technique of the players.

The coach announced that Canluigi Buffon is definitely back at the door, while he can not guarantee for the other who are absent in the last match. I have not yet decided who to start with - either with Mario Manjukic or with Gonzalo Iguain. Alex Sandro was slightly weary yesterday, and today we will be judging for him. Everyone else is fine. Miralem Pianich will return to 99, 9%, explained Allegri.

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