Barca loses a major player for three weeks

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One of Barcelona`s most important players will be out of Ernesto Valverde`s accounts in the next three weeks. Sergio Buscakes has a right-handed phalanx fracture in the 3:0 victory against Chelsea on Camp Nou last night.

The 29-year-old midfielder was the champion of London, but was replaced by Andre Gomes in the 61st minute. Today he has undergone extensive research after which he was diagnosed. The Spanish national was again at Barca`s midfield and finished 93% success in his submissions last night.

The trauma means that Sergio will miss friendly matches via football live odds of Spain`s national team, Athletic Bilbao`s home, Sevilla`s visit, and probably the first quarterfinals in the Champions League. The Catalans will learn their rival tomorrow.

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