Towns knockout Atlanta with a record 56 points

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Carl-Anthony Towns was at the center of all the interesting at Target Center in Minneapolis, and Minnesota beat Atlanta 126:114 to win No. 43 in the season. Timberwolves` young center will remember this victory for a long time because he has punished the Hawks with 56 points and set a club from good football win predictions record at points scored in a match. Towns Towns 41 minutes for which scored 6/8 of the Troika, 13/24 for 2 points and 12/15 of the Penalty. He has added 15 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 umbrella and 2 mistakes.

At one point I realized that the ball was in my hands more and more often. It was obviously a sign to shoot. Everybody was telling me all the time - you need another eight more six, you will reach 50. I did not aim for it and did not think about it. All I wanted was victory, Towns commented after the fight.

This is also a top achievement for Towns in his professional career. His current best-performing match was in winning New York on November 30, 2016 when he scored 47 points. Timberwolves` record was held by Mo Williams, who scored 52 points in a match. Andrew Wiggins finished 17 points for Minnesota, while Nemanja Bielitz added 14. For Hawks Mike Muskala made 24.

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