The press for Cristiano:From what planet came from?

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The media in Europe, and beyond the Old Continent, did not remain indifferent to Cristiano Ronaldo`s great goal against Juventus. The Portuguese Real Madrid week sent twice the ball into the network of Canlugi Buffon as his second goal was an alien - he performed a perfect scissors in the second half of Juventus Stadium, making the whole world soccer world to be amazed by his absolute masterpiece.

From which planet did it come from? , asks the AS newspaper on its first page today, adding that Ronaldo has hit the ball at a height of 2. 23 meters when scoring. The goal is the short title on the first page of the other Marca newspaper. They add that Cristiano puts a scissors on the story that Juventus Steadyum puts on his feet.

Yesterday, CR7, Messi today, are writing Mundo Deportivo`s Catalans, who logically pay more attention to the upcoming match predicted by win football predictions of the local team - Barcelona is coming out against Roma in the Champions League quarterfinals today. The newspaper reported that Real`s 7 knocked Juve with two goals, one with a genius back scissors.

An Argentine from Ol u0026 eacute, who adds that Gonzalo Iguaine has had a decent half-time, Paulo Diballa has been expelled, and the animal Cristiano has received oaths from the upright fans.

Writing, talking, painting or describing Cristiano Ronaldo is a task that is always more difficult for his genius, according to the Brazilian Globoesporte. This Real is devilish. Cristiano is from another planet, adding from the French Equipe, defining Ronaldo`s performance as a rare class.

All on Ronaldo`s legs is the title in the Italian Gazzetta`s online edition, while other sports editions of the Apennines described it as an alien and natural disaster. Cristiano Ronaldo Martiano wrote in the Corriere dello Sport, while Tuttosport noted that Ronaldo was a tornado.

Without words and Monsignor`s goal of Cristiano were the titles in his native Portugal, A Bola and Record respectively.

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