The luck was with Celta days after the fifth of Barca

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Three days after Camp Nou`s nightmare in the 1st / 8th Spanish Cup finals, Celta`s team was lucky and managed to win a 1:0 visit to Levante in a Primera Division match. On Thursday, the Galician players showed very little against Barcelona and took five goals. One of the biggest culprits in the Catalan cruelty, Pioneer Sisto, has scored the victory of Cuba de Valencia today. He scored in the 37th minute after Jagos Aspas`s excellent shot.

However, this was one of the two shots of the Celta players in the outline of Levante`s door. Despite the fact that the guests were much more in possession of the ball, they were overtaken by their hosts, but they had no chance at all.

Celta Juan Carlos Unsue coached a new goalkeeper and other central defenders compared to Camp Nou, but the victory was mostly due to the opponent`s inability to score. Emanuel Okeier Boateng and Jose Morales missed Ruben Blanco himself, and in the last few seconds Jorge Anduhar-Coke did not hit the door for several meters. With these three points Celta climbed to tenth position while Levante was six positions down and had no win in seven games.



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