Napoli and Inter:Do not weep, Loris, everyone`s coming, hugging us

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Loris Karius is the big sinner for Liverpool after yesterday`s loss of the Champions League final. The German made two gross mistakes, which cost largely the cup of Merseyside. After the meeting, however, the guy received support from the soccer world because of the difficult moment he is experiencing. Many clubs mentioned by football live odds and soccer players encouraged the goalkeeper to continue. Napoli and Inter sent virtual hugs to Karius through their Twitter accounts. Do not cry, Loris, everyone can happen to have a bad night. Courage, Champion! Embrace of Napoli

Everyone can have a bad night, the successes are ahead of you. Embrace all of us in Inter

Former goalkeepers like Bodo Ilgner, Neville Saul also expressed their support for Karius, as they know best what it is like to be at that moment.

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