Stuña beat two more goals, but it did not reach Girona

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Cristian Stuwani, who scored in excellent shape, scored two goals for Girona, but his team lost 2:3 from Aubar home in a match according football predictions in the 8th round of the Primera Division. Earlier this season, the Catalans made 2:2 with Barcelona at Camp Nou, but today they did not have the chance to win a third defeat. Otherwise, Stuwani has eight goals in eight games and is headed by the scorers. A lot of work was done by the judges, who included the VAR system several times. First of all, it happened in the 12th minute and thanks to her, the main referee Eduardo Prieto ordered a penalty for the guests that Charlize realized.

Girona`s shot was canceled because of an ambush, but this only saved goalkeeper Marco Dmitrovic, who had not comfortably taken a seemingly easy ball.

In the 40th minute, Stuhani equalized with his head and in 42nd he scored again. The second situation was thoroughly scrutinized by the VAR and eventually the Uruguay hit for 2:1.

In the last half-time attack, however, Anayz Arbayya equalized for 2:2, and after the break, Sereny Enric brought success to Aibar after a parabolic blow.

The game was very rough and the referee showed nine yellow cards.

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