Southgate:We have made a big step forward, I can not want more than the team

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England manager Gareth Southgate was sad after Croatia`s dramatic loss to the World Championship semi-finals 2018 but gave a positive assessment of the team`s overall performance and said England would become stronger in the coming years.
`We played very well in the first half, we kept the ball and generally controlled the match, it was important to score a second goal because of the lack of experience or because we were leading in the result by good football win predictions but after the break we allowed the rival to take the lead. We were under pressure and it affected us, `Southgate commented.

`The Croats have a lot of experienced players, which is obvious, and the game again became equivalent, at which level the details are crucial. ` Croatia scored a second goal and we could not answer, and I wish them success in the final. worthy of playing in the last game, `the British mentor admitted.
`It takes me a few days to analyze the fight, now the disappointment is huge, the most important thing is to use your abilities, all the players are sad, but I am proud of them, we have achieved a lot, we have given positive emotions to the fans. our country is proud of this team and after some time we will make positive conclusions from the World Cup and I can not want more than the players who have already overcome so many obstacles, `Southgate continued.
`No one wants to play in a third place game We have a few days to prepare and we have to defend our honor We always strive to win It will be difficult for 24 hours to go back to that psychological state we were inbefore the semi-final, but this is another test, `the former English national stressed.

`Harry Kane did everything to himself for the team, and I can not want him any more as a captain and a person as a player. ` `We have gained experience and made a big step in our development, compared to two years ago, we now have the mentality of a winner. we have had a lot of problems with the last week and we have managed to do it, and nothing guarantees that we will get to this stage again, but our long-term goal is to regularly play quarterfinals and semi-finals. is their benefit, `continued Southgate.
`We have a good style of play but we are not perfect We have to continue to develop We have won some strong teams that we have lost before We will be joined by even younger players with their help We will become even more dangerous fortheir rivals, `added the English coach.


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