Sancho entered the shoes of Alcasser, but Dortmund broke in the end

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Paco Alcasser was not available to Lucien Faver, and Jared Sancho worthy of his shoes, but Borussia (Dortmund) lost points. This happened when Hertha (Berlin) was home to 2:2, while the English sensation of Beau Fouve had scored two goals and missed a third. His fantastic performance was not enough, because Salomon Kalou was on the other side, who also scored twice and brought a point to his team.

The meeting started a few minutes late because of the smoke that was lit in the sector with guest fans. Shortly thereafter, the Berliners fans again drew their attention to themselves when they came to a collision with the police because of a banner that the law enforcement officials shot down.

Lucas Pischek was the champion, and so he recorded a match No309 in all tournaments with the team of the Dortmund team. Only 10 other players have more professional matches from him in club analyzed by win football predictions blog history.

Borussia has been attacked since the first referee signal and had only two good chances in five minutes, while Herta relied heavily on counter-attacking action and had a more patient appearance. The signals of Signal Iduna Park cheered in the 18th minute when Jane Sancho sent the ball into Route Yorkstein`s net in a beautiful way, spotting Marco Reus`s fifth horizontal pass, but the joy was short. Seconds later, however, the attack was canceled due to Royce`s ambush in the previous bid. Sancho, however, scored a score of ten minutes later when he got close to a small corner for 1:0 after assisting Mario Goetze. The guests restored the draw for about five minutes after the break, when Maximilian Mittelstadt crossed an opposing pass in the middle of the field and advanced to the half of Dortmund, attracting several players to himself. Then he turned the attack on the other flank, from where Salomon Kalou entered the field and managed to hand over, then beat Roman Bukki for 1:1 in the 41st minute. The second half started a bit more monotonous than the high pace that was before the break. Again, the initiative was for the hosts, the first better opportunity came to Royce. He did, however, make a fantastic play because of a free kick in the 56:th minute.

Five minutes later Jade Sancho grabbed his second goal. Ashraf Hakimi played a diagonal pass after one of his many great attacks, and Royce was eliminated with a slight elimination of Yorkstein and then turned to Sancho, for whom it was easiest to put into the empty net. In the 70th minute, the English teenager was replaced by Christian Pulisic and left under the unceasing reprimands of the fans who sent him to his feet and with great applause.

A quarter hour before the end, Royce had a pretty good chance in the penalty area but his shot was blocked by the old lady`s defender. The positions did not stop, as 180 seconds later Rafael Gereiro came alone against the goalie but shot in his body.

Two minutes before the end of regular time, Buryki became the hero of Borussia and saved a dangerous blow with his head from the goal field, and seconds later he was a step away from the failure

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