Ajax looks to Germany as De Jong`s deputy

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The emerging departure of Franky de Jong made Ajax actively look for an alternative to the talented midfielder, who in recent days has been referred to as a potential new addition to Paris Saint-Germain. The French are considering an offer of about 150 million euros for a package deal including De Jong and Matthews de Licht, and the Amsterdam club has already cast a look at a player to replace 21-year-old Franky in the midfield of the Dutch colossus.

Ajax looked at Meritan Shabani from Bayern Munich, who is 19, and his position on the pitch is an attacking midfielder. The 178-cm player was born in Munich, but his parents are Kosovo Albanians. Shabani is Germany`s teenager, and in the last two seasons he plays mostly for the Bavarian team`s doubles team, with three matches by tottenham football stadium for Bayern`s team in his card. The eventual passage of Shabani towards Amsterdam seems attractive to young hope because Bayern rarely integrates footage from his own academy into the first team, and Ajax is well-known for his policy of developing talented players.

Bild reports that the Dutch have hoped to provide Shabani`s services as early as the January transfer window, and the deal could be speeded up with a transfer of Franky De Jong.

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