They give an apartment for a Russian defeated goal

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Apart from enormous glory and national hero status, the author of a possible defeat against Croatia for Russia will expand his property.
Crimean lawmember Evgeni Kabanov decided to stimulate the players of the group before the 1/4-final of the world championship, promising to give an apartment to the footballer who ranked home in the top 4 of the home mongol.
Russia and Croatia will be arguing for entry into the semi-finals on Saturday night at the Ficht stadium in Sochi.
Dear friends! Interstroy is ready to give an apartment in the new Dobrogorod residential complex in Sevastopol to the player from the Russian national football team who scored the winning goal in the historic match against Croatia in Sochi. We believe in the team! We will support ours! Just ahead and only to victory! , Kabanov wrote in a social network. He is the director of the construction company in question and is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.
The coach of the team, Stanislav Chercsevov, spoke especially at the press conference on whether the team lacked the support of President Vladimir Putin, who was only on the first match of the World Cup.
Vladimir Vladimirovich has called me several times.
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said the coach of the hosts.
It is clear that the Croats play different football from us. The match starts at 0:0 and in the course of the match they will act according to the situation. However, these are eliminations and the most important is the result. I think they will change their tactics. In each position they have good players, we have to pay attention to each of them. We know that this team is on a high level and has a class. To play successfully against them, we need to show individual qualities and a collective game, added the Russian coach.

His boys were motivated in a way other than the promise of an apartment and Putin`s support. It is radically different, but certainly quite persuasive.
Russia`s rival is expected to have high-level support today at Sochi`s stands.
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Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic.
Before the match analyzed by good football win predictions with the team, there are no problems. However, these may occur with a possible 1/2-final extension. A total of eight players from the team of breeder Zlatko Dalich are threatened to miss a new card. These are Rakitic, Manjukich, Rebich, Vrsalko, Pikaza, Yedvy, Chorluka and Brozovich.
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