Football tips The dream come true! Djokovic uncovers Puy and will argue for the Nadal trophy

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World No. 1 and six-time Melbourne Champion Novak Djokovic gave only 4 games to Frenchman Luka Puy (No. 28 in the Schedule) in the match between the two of the Australian Open semifinals. Djokovic beat his opponent 6:0, 6:2, 6:2 and will argue for the trophy with the 2009 champion Rafael Nadal (Spain), who yesterday broke similarly Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece).

Djokovic had some problems in his opening match in the match, going over in 40:40, but the Serb still did not allow him to lag early in the game. Immediately after this, Djokovic hit his opponent and reached two consecutive breakpoints at 15:40. Puy was initially saved, but the third breakthrough for World No. 1 surrendered, and Djokovic made an early lead. With a zero game, Djokovic boosted a breakeum, and immediately after that he made a new breakthrough. Puy looked a bit tricky in those minutes, while Nole`s game was all about zero, and the 31-year-old Serb made the score 5-0. Djokovic`s next break has then put an end to the first set, and it seems that this game is set to be a walk in the park for the world leader who took the first 7 games via football video stream in the game.

Puy took a breath of air at the very beginning of the second part, recording his first game for 1:1. But then things continued catastrophically for the Frenchman. He made a break in the fourth game, and at the same time Djokovic`s passes went smoothly and without any resistance from the 24-year-old Puy. In the eighth game, Djokovic retired and this meant the end of the second set at 6:2 in favor of the Balkan. In the third part, Djokovic, the 15th Grand Slam title, again, as well as the second set, broke through in the fourth game and it finally broke Puy, who did not seem ready for battle anymore. The Serb led 4:1, and then 5:2. In the eighth game, Puy served to prolong the match, but failed to do anything more than reflect the opponent`s first match. Djokovic made the second and did his job only for 1 hour and 23 minutes after the 1/4-finals played a set and a half against the failed Japanese Kai Nishikori.

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