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The Barcelona team achieved an impressive 5:0 victory as the Levante guest in the 16th round of the Primera Division and came out on top of the standings with a total of 34 points. Lionel Messi became the hero of the Catalonians, who scored with two assists and three hits between the 43nd and 60th minutes. Luis Suarez and central defender Gerard Pique scored at the end. Thus, Barca left Sevilla and Atletico Madrid behind, having 31 points, while Levante remained eighth with 22.

The start of the game was intense, as Levante`s players were more proficient in the ball and were looking for the way to the Ter Stegen`s door. In the 5th minute Emmanuel Boateng was great and shot, but the Barcelona guard reflected the strike. The Catalonians came to a corner shot, but nothing interesting followed in front of Oyer`s door. There was a second run by Lionel Messi, with Vermelen heading the ball but not accurately. Messi himself tries his shotgun by shooting his left foot, but he has not got it right. The duel continued at a high pace as the attacks on the two doors did not stop. Within a minute in the middle of the first half, Levante`s players missed two good chances, with Boateng being both involved. In the 25th minute, Barcelona was given a direct free kick, with Messi standing behind the ball. But his shot of about 25 meters fell right into Levante`s watch.

The hosts came to their best chance after half an hour when Boateng shook the crossbar. This shook Ernesto Valverde`s players, who raised their turn. Messi dipped through the center and shot, but weak. A minute later the Argentine broke through by taking four Levante players and this time managed to direct the ball in front of the door, from which Luis Suarez sent it to the net with a perfect finish. Two minutes before the end of the first part, Messi was pulled into a corridor on the right, rushed into the field and doubled the score. Barcelona came to a third goal just two minutes after the game by football highlights resumed, with Lionel Messi again. In the 60th minute the Argentine formed his hat-trick, with Suarez at the base of the goal. The Uruguay fought for the ball with a Levante footballer, found Vidal with a long-distance lead, who returned the ball to Messi and the Argentine was not wrong at all.

Barcelona played even more liberally, while the hosts desperately sought at least a goal. In the 78th minute, Messi attempted to increase his goal by firing a direct free kick but the ball went over the goal. Ten minutes before the end, the Argentine handed excellent to Luis Suarez after the counterattack, but the Uruguay was not concentrated and did not find the door. A little later, the hosts had their own time, but Ter Stegen saved Majoror`s shot. The hosts stayed with a man less than a quarter of an hour before Eric Kabako was sent off with a red card for an offense against Dembele.

At the very end of the regular time in a surprise goalkeeper for Barcelona was the central defender Gerard Pique. The attack started from him, with the hosts claiming to play with a hand?

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