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The record-breaking purchase of Athletico Madrid`s history, Toma Lemmar, brought the minimal 1-0 victory to Aubar`s los robinbalos. The Frenchman entered as a reserve in the second half, and five minutes before the end scored the only goal at the Ippuura match. Madrid played without big star Antoine Grizzman who was injured. Chance to start as a champion has received Vitolo, but he did not justify Diego Simeone`s confidence. The match kicked off with an early miss for Angel Korea, who was seen with Marco Dmitrovic, but failed to overcome it. A little later, a chance was made before Alvaro Morata. The Spanish national claimed he had been knocked out of the penalty area by an opponent, but referee Javier Alberrola did not face a penalty. The hosts relied heavily on distant shocks, and they did not seriously endanger the door of Jan Oblak once.

In the second half Atletico attacked more, but encountered difficulties in overcoming the home defensive. It did not happen until the 85th minute, when Coke advanced to the right and dropped a shot to Lemmar, who soon caught under the bar for the final analyzed by football livescore 1:0. Atletico won the seventh time since the start of the season in La Liga with this result and pulled 7 points in front of Real Madrid in the battle for the second place. Eibar is 13th in the ranking.


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