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Two veterans who began their famous career as rivals in Chicago in the 1980s were selected in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Former Chicago Cubs Lee Smith`s clown, and Chicago White Sax Harold Bains`s former DH, were backed by a special `Modern Age` commission meeting in Las Vegas for the start of the winter MLB meetings.

With the required 75% support in the 16-member jury vote, Smith won a total unanimity, and Baines received the exact 12 votes. One voice below the border was the former manager of Seattle Mariners and Chicago Cubs Lou Piedilla. Less than five votes were taken by George Steinbren, Orl Harshaiser, Albert Bell, Joe Carter, Will Clark, Davy Johnson, and Charlie Manuel.

`I am very patient and I have been waiting for a long time, but now it is sweeter, I never ceased to hope that one day I will be elected. Today it was probably the most nervous day of all the votes for the Hall of Fame, shares 61-year-old Smith, who, when retiring in 1997, was a record-holder in the MLB with 478 reservations, mostly for Cubs (1980-1987). `Thanks for this recognition, it means a lot to me, ` admitted 59-year-old Bains, who started and finished his career in the White Sox (1980-1989, 1996-1997, 2000-2001), achieving a total of 384 home runs and 1628 RBIs at an average billing factor. 289 for 22 seasons in the Premier League.

Smith and Bains will be part of the Hall of Fame 2019, which will be introduced at the Cooperstown Museum on July 21st. Most likely, they will join at least two former BBWAA polls, the results via football livescore of which will be announced on January 22.

Among the new candidates this year are two of the greatest pitchers -;Roy Haladey and Mariano Rivera, while the names of Edgar Martinez and Mike Musina, as well as the doping but still icons of their time, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Manny Ramirez stand out.

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