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The Most Discussed Talent In American Sports In Recent Months -;the two-way Kyler Murray, gave an unambiguous answer to the great mystery about his professional career. Namely: is he considering baseball or American football? The 21-year-old graduate of the University of Oklahoma was selected last summer under No. 9 in the MLB draft by the Oakland Atletico. The A`s gave him a $ 4, 66 million signing bonus and even paid him $ 1, 5 million. Therefore, the promising outfielder is expected this week at spring camp in Mesa, Arizona, for the start of preseason preparation. However, the youth has other intentions. `Going forward, I firmly and completely commit my life and my time to becoming a quarterback in the NFL, ` Murray wrote on Twitter, posting a photo of himself with a Oklahoma Swansea football helmet.

As a playmaker of the University team, Kyler achieved phenomenal results last season in the College Championship. The `decisive` quarterback distributed passes for 4, 361 yards and 42 touchdowns and received the 2018 NCAA Soccer Heisman Trophy for 2018

According to ESPN, Murray will return $ 1, 29 million to Oakland and willgive up the remaining $ 3, 16 million under the agreed bonus. In fact, the young man doesn`t even mention the word `baseball` or the name Atletico in his social media post.

`Football has been my love and passion all my life -; Kyler`s online message continues. -; I was raised to play quarterback and I can`t wait to 100% of myself to become the best possiblequarterback and win NFL titles. I have started an extended training program to further prepare myself for upcoming NFL drafts and interviews. of amateurs in American football this year is April 25in Nashville, Tennessee. Kyler Murray has a real chance of becoming the first athlete in history to be selected in the first round of NBA and NFL draft picks by football livescore . According to preliminary estimates, the quarterback is likely to be taken under No. 13 by the Miami Dolphins.

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