Udinese broke down the good impressions of JAL

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Udinese`s nice series under Masimo Odo was slightly overshadowed by a 1-1 draw with the newcomer and a surviving JAL in the 21st round of Serie A.

In the Friuli Stadium, the hosts took the lead in the first half after Samir`s headwho found Rodrigo de Paul`s rookie centering, and JFAL`s defender Alfred Gomis did not intervene convincingly and allowed the ball to pass the goal.

However, Sergio Flocari, the experienced new shooter, leveled the score in the 49th minute after the frillans could not clear the ball at a free kick near the penalty area. In the mix, 33-year-old Mirko Antenauci headed the globe to the small foal, and his partner in the attack found the final via tottenham football stadium 1:1. In fact, JAPAL has reason to regret the missed victory because it has more points and an advantage in all the statistics, and Udinese has scored the only correct shot.

Newcomers stay 18th in the 16-point ranking, but they are still behind 2 of 17 Croton, who scored 3-0 with Verona as a guest. Udinese is the eighth with 29 points, but can be overtaken by Turin (29) and Milan (28), who are playing less.

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