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Atalanta qualifies for the Champions League. Can Piero Gasperini`s players topped Sassuolo 3-1 and stepped into the rivers of gold that flow into the most commercial club tournament. It is curious that the match by football video stream is being played at Sasuolo Stadium - Mapei, declared long ago for the last Bergamasque households to repair Atleti Azuri e `Italy. The goals for Atalanta were scored by Duvan Zapata, Alejandro Gomez and Mario Pashalic, while Domenico Berardi discovered the result by the symbolic guests. So Sesame opened to the Bergamo players.

The Mapei meeting offered many emotions and situations, almost all at the door of Canluca Pegolo. After several dangerous shuffles in Sasuolo`s penalty area, Berardi ended up with a precise shot of a wonderful action of his own, in a Brazilian pattern. It happened in the 19th minute. The hit of Atalanta and Pegolo again had to defend his net. In the 35th minute, Duvan Sapata leveled after a stir, raising doubts about playing with the Colombian striker`s hand. The intervention of the BAP was necessary and the hit was conceded - 1:1.

In the added time of the first part came the decisive moment of the match. Berardi shook the fallen Atalanta football player, melee came, and at the end of the event referee Reverend Daniele Doveri showed a red card to the striker of the symbolic guests. After the break, the Bergamasks started at a whirlwind pace and were de facto playing in Sasuolo`s pen. The goal was a matter of time and it fell in the 53rd minute when Alejandro Gomez matured Pegolo with one rebound from the last ball - 2:1. In the 65th minute, Pasalic shook his head as he met Gomez`s left center. The hit was dealt with by BAP for nearly five minutes, but Doveri eventually pointed to the center. About ten minutes before the end of the intrigue, he completely died when Francesco Managneli left the pitch with a second yellow card. With the last referee signal came the great joy for the typhoons from Bergamo.




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