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Italy expectedly left Liechtenstein with a victory. The Azzurries won 5-0 and went on to be a full asset in Group J. Roberto Mancini`s team secured the standings and first place in the group a few days ago. This allowed the selection to make 10 changes to the team, and Napoli defender Giovanni Di Lorenzo made his national team debut. Only Marco Verratti remained of the team that beat Greece on Saturday.

The Italians reached the eighth consecutive victory in these qualifications and a total of ninth consecutive successes, equaling the longest series in team history dating back to the 1938/1939 season. However, they did not impress in the first half, although they led in the second minute. Then Bernardeschi discovered the result after Biragi`s submission. However, the first position in the match was at their door, but Salanovic was unable to overcome Sirigu.

Liechtenstein had a great opportunity to equalize in the 65th minute. Then Salanovic shot great, but the visitors` keeper reflected the shot. Mancini made some changes and Italy picked up the pace in the last 20 minutes. Beloti made it 0-2 in the 70th minute and put an end to the small intrigue. El Sharawi, who came in as a backup, centers on Romagnoli for the next goal, and a short time later he signs for the fourth goal of the match. At the very end, Beloti signed for the second time and formed the final result.




In the second match of the group Greece beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 2:1. Our southern neighbors recorded only the second victory since the start of qualifying in their eighth game. However, tonight they played a good game according win football predictions and outplayed the opponent, taking him very far from the standings. Bosnia and Herzegovina`s team is already fourth in the standings, trailing by five points from Finland, which earlier today achieved significant success over Armenia.


1:0-Pavlisis (30)

1:1-Goyak (35)

2:1-Kovacevic (88-out)

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