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The bosses of Paris Saint-Germain are increasingly considering buying the full rights of striker Mauro Icardi. The Argentinian, who currently plays for Inter Milan, has quickly become accustomed to the Parc des Princes setting and has already scored 7 goals in 7 games since the start of the season. This convinced Parisians to hurry up and pay the buyout clause enshrined in the contract between the two clubs to make sure that another club would not interfere in the battle for his signature in the summer.
Ikardi`s redemption clause is fixed at EUR 70 million. Negotiations between the two clubs are expected to start in December or in January at the latest.

Before moving to PSG, Icardi was keen on transferring to Juventus. However, the two clubs mentioned by football livescore did not understand his price and in the end the striker found himself in the French champion. However, Juve did not give up the idea of u200bu200btaking him into their membership, and that is the reason why PSG is in a hurry to fully buy his rights.
The only sure thing is that Ikardi will not return to Inter. He has managed to annoy everyone in the management of the Milan grand with his behavior over the summer and the club will be more than happy once and for all to get rid of him.

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