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Bayern (Munich) interim coach Hansi Flick does not hide that there is more to the team`s game. The German took the place of the fired Nico Kovacs until management found a permanent mentor. On Wednesday, the Bavarians made no impression at all against Olympiacos in the Champions League, but still had a 2-0 draw. On Saturday, however, a far more serious test came against Borussia Dortmund.

Against Olympiacos, we focused on clearing up our game defenses and the team did well - Flick said. - It was important not to score a goal. Joshua Kimih runs 13. 6 km and Thomas Muller runs 12. 6 km, which is a lot. There is still room for improvement in the attack. But if you have a solid defense, your attack becomes stronger.

I am a fan of football where the team owns the ball and is effective in their positions. However, since our game is still not so clear, the ball must be with us. On Wednesday, it worked out, but it would be harder against Dortmund. During the duel against Olympiacos, there were screams from the stands. Everyone in the team is used to something else: the festival of attacking football. But that won`t happen today for tomorrow, Flick continued. Former footballer is pleased with his status as a temporary coach: Now I only think about the derby with Borussia, nothing else interests me. We want to win. The club via good football win predictions will decide the other.

Flick confirmed that tomorrow he will bet on the same four in defense as Olympiacos. At the time, Tiago Alcantara and Philippe Coutinho remained out of the holders, after Kovac had previously relied heavily on them. It`s normal to be upset when you`re not on the field. But our team is made up of 18 athletes and each of them can play at some point. Everyone knows the situation is not easy right now, Hansi Flick finished.

Der Classic is on Saturday night at 7:30 pm at the Allianz Arena.

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