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Arsenal have started the season hesitantly and are well below expectations so far after finishing sixth with four wins, five draws and three losses. This naturally generated a lot of speculation about the future of Unai Emery`s manager and the possibilities for his deputy.
On its pages today, Sun reports that the gunners were targeting Pau Torres of Villarreal to strengthen the defense of the team, where there are more serious problems for the team, even though David Luish of Chelsea was purchased in the summer.

The 22-year-old Torres is overseen by the Scouts of London, as well as Emery himself, who has extensive experience in the Primera Division and three Europa League titles with the Sevilla team.

Villarreal`s defender has a buyout clause worth ? 43million in his contract, but Arsenal are very likely to try to reach an installment agreement in the wake of a deal for Nicola Pepe last summer. Bosses of the gunners agreed to pay more than the amount stipulated in Pepe`s contract, but that this would be in installments over a longer period.

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