Football prediction Bernabeu whistled fiercely at Bale; the players supported the Welshman

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Last night, Santiago Bernabeu`s audience poured their anger on Gareth Bale. Real Madrid fans have reacted after the Welshman`s naive act of engaging Los Blancos in an inscription with his priorities, which found a resounding resonance across Europe. Much of the Madridist began to whistle at Gareth at the start of his warm-up near the sideline.

Bale made it clear what he thought of Real Madrid (photo) As he stepped onto the field, thousands expressed their negativity at number 11. Bernabeu has long since remembered his player`s fierce whistle. The fan setting did not negatively affect the footballer, who played very well in the match predicted by win football predictions blog and played a strong 30 minutes.

`I hope the whistles to Bale do not last all season, ` said mentor Zinedine Zidan at a news conference after meeting with Real Sociedad. The fact that we celebrated in this way the goal (the third one) shows that we are together. Gareth has always treated me well and deserves respect. He trains well and helps the team. If he continues, the audience will change his attitude towards him, said one of the characters of the white Federico Valverde.

We support him on the pitch. Now he has to win the men too, said goalkeeper Tibo Courtois.

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