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Paris Saint-Germain striker Mauro Icardi wants to remain in the squad permanently. This was stated by his half Wanda Nara in an interview with Rete 4 in Italy. She also explained why Ikardi would not accept Juventus` offer.

Mauro in Juve? No. His present is in PSG. He feels great in Paris and scores a lot of goals. The choice to go there turned out to be very good. One of the reasons Ikardi chose PSG was that he did not want to hand over Inter, Wanda Nara said.

I do not know who drove him from Inter, but apparently everyone is happy because Mauro went to a stronger team. He could not refuse this offer, the Argentine added.

She also commented on the statement of current Nerazur mentor Antonio Conte, who said that it is advisable for football players not to overdo sex before the match.

I don`t know what to say. Mauro is a great professional and does nothing before the game. After the match from napoli europa league - yes, but only if the result is good. Otherwise he doesn`t even want to see me, the former porn star admitted.

Ikardi is in PSG for rent, but almost certainly the club will buy it after the end of the season. The striker has 8 goals in League One and 5 in the Champions League for Paris.

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