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Inter brought Juventus closer to the ninth consecutive Serie A title after finishing 0-0 at home against Fiorentina in a match of the 35th round. This means that in case of success over Udinese in today`s visit, the `Bianconeri` will secure the trophy three rounds before the end of the season. The Nerazzurri needed a mandatory victory to postpone the celebrations in Turin, but they did not do enough to achieve it.

The match started with strong pressure from the hosts. Chaos reigned in the visitors` penalty area, with goalkeeper Pietro Terracano preventing Milan Badel from scoring an own goal and then deflecting Lukaku`s shot. Terracano showed up again after a shot by Barrel from a distance in the 11th minute. The guests tried to take the game away from their door and managed to blunt Inter`s aggression with long plays. This did not last long and soon Inter settled again in the middle of Fiorentina. In the 17th minute Lukaku with a header was close to opening the score, but his shot hit the crossbar. Doubts remained in the situation that the Belgian was in an ambush. Shortly afterwards, the Inter coach was forced to make a forced substitution after Stefan De Fry was injured and replaced by Andrea Ranokia. In the 34th minute, Lukaku again failed to hit the door after his short-range shot was taken by Terracano in a corner kick. Another good break of Ashley Young led to a commotion in front of Fiorentina, but again nothing happened and in the end both teams withdrew at halftime at 0:0.

In the 51st minute Inter attacked through Lukaku, who passedto Sanchez, but the shot of the Chilean was saved by Terracano, as the ball bounced off the crossbar after the intervention of the guard. In the 55th minute Inter received a direct free kick near the penalty area. Christian Eriksen was behind the ball, but the ball was bounced off the wall. Inter`s attacks on Fiorentina`s goal did not stop, but the result remained 0-0. Conte resorted to substitutions, and Lautaro Martinez appeared in the game, replacing Alexis Sanchez. Ten minutes before the end, Inter could have scored a goal after a counterattack by Fiorentina, but Handanovic stopped the ball after a shot by Paul Lirola. The game analyzed by football predictions partners continued to be intense until the end, but no goals were scored and the tie was maintained.

Inter - Fiorentina 0:0

Inter: Handanovic, D `Ambrosio, De Fry, Godin, Candreva, Barela, Gallardini, Young, Eriksen, Lukaku, Sanchez. Fiorentina: Terracano, Milenkovic, Pesea, Caceres, Venuti, Duncan, Badel, Castrovili, Dalbert, Coutrone, Ribery.

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