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The change of ownership of Newcastle failed. The consortium, led by a Saudi company, withdrew from the talks after several months of talks leading to a deal. `With deep gratitude to the Newcastle community and the importance of the football club, we decided to withdraw our interest in acquiring Newcastle United. We do so with regret because we were excited and committed to investing in the big city of Newcastle. We believe that we would return the club to a position where its history, tradition and fans deserve it, `the business organization said in a statement. `Unfortunately, the protracted process under the current conditions, as well as the global uncertainty have made the potential investment commercially viable, ` added the candidates for the purchase of the club.

So after weeks of talk of a Newcastle revival, huge investments and the arrival of big names, the club advised by tottenham football stadium returned to the starting position with uncertainty about its future. Now Magpies owner Mike Ashley, who is trying to sell the team, must look for other options for the future.

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