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Midfielder James Milner has warned his Liverpool team-mates that the decline in form after the resumption of the English Football Championship should not be postponed to next season if the Reds want to defend their Premier League title.

Jurgen Klopp`s team became the first in history with a guaranteed trophy seven rounds before the end of the season, after winning 27 of their first 29 games. After the resumption of the championship, the Reds drew with Everton (0:0) and easily won against Crystal Palace (4:0), and hours later Manchester City lost against Chelsea (1:2) and guaranteed the first title of the team. for 30 years. However, Liverpool was subsequently defeated at the Etihad against the former champions (0:4), and later the team lost points against Burnley (1:1) and Arsenal (1:2). The season still ended with victories over Chelsea (5:3) and Newcastle (3:1), with which the `reds` collected a record 99 points in their history.

Asked if Liverpool would re-enter a long winning streak, Milner said in an interview with the club`s website: `We need to get back in shape. We enjoyed the winning streak because we know how hard it is to win trophies. We were very strong. but we were also lucky, without it you can`t win so many victories in one year.

Trent (Alexander-Arnold) thinks it`s easy. He appeared one day and won all the trophies in negative time. However, I have been in football for a long time and I can guarantee everyone that such series of victories and trophies are not easy to achieve. It takes so much training in the rain, such resilience after injuries and losses, even if they are in the top five in Melwood. We are very bad losers. Everyone on the team.

When you win something, the most important thing is to enjoy it. Every footballer plays for this feeling and it is the culmination of the hard work you put in on the road to success. Our achievement is amazing, but our careers are too short to live forever in this moment. We should not waste a season or two thinking about how strong we have ever been, because we will lose pace and not perform as best we can. It will be a crime and something we certainly do not want to experience.

We have exactly two weeks to enjoy the title and then we start from the beginning. We also want help from the fans, who must once again take us on the wave of success and enjoy the title with us. We also have to do a lot of work and be even better on the field. Next season will not be enough to be at the current level. `

Milner is actually a three-time English champion because he has two titles with Manchester City.

`It`s something special because it`s hard to achieve. Liverpool are waiting too long for this trophy if we look back in history and how often they won it before. Well, we did it and it feels great. You can understand how much the title means to these people. `When you drive around the city and see all the flags flying in front of people`s homes. That means a lot to us and is the end result via football predictions we wanted, ` the Liverpool midfielder continued.

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