Durant ran out of the judges:They wound me!

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The Golden State winger Kevin Durant has publicly voiced dissatisfaction with the judges after being kicked out of a match via football highlights for the fourth time just this season. This time, Durant`s criticism was Judge James Williams, who, according to the star, had set him up for a meeting with New York.

In the first half I played a worn ball and I explained to him why he was wrong and that is something I do regularly, this crossover. At half time, he was clearly unhappy, and in the second half he was just looking for me, Durant explained, who left the meeting for two technical violations.

See my first technical. I took the fight, dribbled and he played a violation. He was looking for me. He wanted to get him out of the first half. This has been happening since the beginning of the season. I`m disappointed, `added Durant, who recorded his record-breaking 14 assists with the success of Warriors Sister Nicks.

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