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Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is adamant that he will not resign. He is also confident that his team deserved to win the match against Shakhtar (Donetsk), which lost 0:2.
`No, I will not resign. We will continue. We were very good in the first half. If we had scored first, things would have changed a lot. Their goal caused us great damage because we played well. We had two or three positions. The ball didn`t want to come in and it was difficult. We had and will always have delicate moments. We are in a bad series in terms of results, that is the reality. But we have to move on. It was a final, we prepared a lotwell, we did a decent first half, but we know we have one more game mentioned by football predictions partners to win.

Yes, I have the strength and I will do my best as always. We didn`t deserve to win in La Liga, but today we did. Such is football. We have to look up and think about the next game. I always say the same thing, but it`s true, there is no other solution. We have to think about the next match, which is also important. No, the problem is not in our football. There are many things, but today the fault is not in our game. We pressed in depth, winning a lot of balls. It`s not about the game, the performance on the field was good. We missed the first goal, that would make things easier. We have to endure these series, but we will continue to work hard and believe in what we do. The moment is difficult, but we must show our character and pride. It`s disappointing. We will have to win the next match because we failed today. We will have faith and we will fight, `Zidane said after the match.

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