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Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar has shown his disappointment that he is not among the three finalists for the FIFA award - The Best, for the best footballer of 2020. Candidates for the prize are Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, but not the Brazilian who played with the Parisians in the Champions League final analyzed by tottenham football stadium last season.

Lewandowski, Ronaldo and Messi will argue for the FIFA award

A few days ago, Neymar was not included in the Ideal Team of the Year of the International Institute of Football History and Statistics IFFHS. Then his friend Thiago Silva joked on Instagram, commenting: Neymar was in the `bubble` of the NBA. He, LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the others. The attacker, in turn, replied: Yes, they took me. At least you played in the Roland Garros final, implying that the defender did not get into this team either.

It turned out that this funny story has a sequel, and it came immediately after the news about the three finalists for the award The Best. This time, Neymar used Twitter to express his resentment. Since I did not succeed in tennis, I will start playing basketball, he wrote. Just a few minutes later, he added: I`ve given up basketball, I`m a GAMER now.

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