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Arsenal have taken an unprecedented measure in case the team drops out of the Premier League at the end of this season, writes the British `Telegraph`. This is a clause to reduce the salaries of players by 25%, if this scenario is reached.
This practice is popular with most of the teams in the English elite, but so far it has not been applied by the biggest local clubs analyzed by win football predictions such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham. The London Blues were 16th in the standings in December 2015, but even then they did not resort to this measure. The Gunners are currently 15th in the Premier League with 14 points or just four more than the first team in the relegation zone, which is Fulham.

According to the information, this clause is relatively recent, as with Arsene Wenger it was not present in the contracts of the players. However, it is not clear whether the clause affects the entire team or only the most expensive players. The annual budget for the salaries of Arsenal players exceeds 150 million pounds.

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