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Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman has expressed hope that the team`s superstar Lionel Messi will be able to play against Athletic Bilbao in tomorrow`s final of the Spanish Super Cup, despite the strain in his left thigh. However, he stressed that the final decision will be made by the Argentine. Meanwhile, AS refer to their sources in the club, according to which the striker will start the match as a reserve.

`We are fine and we are happy that we will play tomorrow. We were very tired, but three or four days of rest are enough. I expect a difficult match because the opponent is competitive. If they press us hard, we will have to impose our game predictions by football video stream and dominate. Against Real Sociedad it was difficult for us to enter the match. We have to be at our level as it is lately. Of course this trophy is important. To show that you are on the right track, it is always important to win things. a trophy after all, everyone who has your name on it is important, and so is the club.

Messi? Yesterday he trained individually and we will see if he thinks he will be able to play or not. He has the decisive word and we expect to see his condition tomorrow morning. We hope that Messi will play. Whether this happens or not, we will try to practice our game. For any team, if you have Messi on the field, then you have more chances to win. If you have the number one footballer in the world, your chances are higher. Because of his creativity and efficiency, your options are more, `Kuman told a news conference.

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