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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp could not believe that his team had lost to Burnley. The Reds lost 0-1 to Anfield and recorded their first home defeat in the Premier League in four years. Now the team is in a series of 5 games without a victory in the championship, and in the last 4 failed to score. In the standings, the Merseysiders are 4th, but already 6 points behind the leader Manchester United.

`It was like a fist in the face. The simplest explanation for what happened was that it was my fault. We had great dominance, we controlled the ball and created situations, but we failed to realize them. The match forecast by win football predictions blog became more complicated and in the end the guests`Alison told me he didn`t touch Ashley Barnes, but I didn`t see the situation well, ` Klopp said.

`At certain moments we made the wrong decisions. My job is to arrange the players in the right way so that everything works. It is not easy to accept such a loss. The players did not allow themselves to relax after the 7-0 victory against`Crystal Palace. They are still working hard, but the results are not coming. When something doesn`t work out, you have to try even harder. It was really hard to lose this game, but we succeeded, ` continued the Merseyside coach. `It`s not about looking for the culprit. We have to solve our problems ourselves, which we will do. In football you don`t have much time to react. Right now we don`t think about the ranking and the title fight, ` added Klopp.

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