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The Barcelona team also won the second match without penalties Lionel Messi, after beating Elche 2-0 as a guest in a match of the 20th round of the Spanish championship. With this success, the Catalans came out in third place - 3 points from the second Real Madrid in an equal number of matches analyzed by football rankings played. Frankie De Jong (39 `) and Ricky Puch (89`) scored against an opponent who has not won in 13 consecutive rounds.

Blaugranas did not make a strong match, but there was no need, because Elche`s team showed almost nothing of value and throughout the match he tried to defend himself. However, Barca could have missed the success, because in the 56th minute there was a situation in which a player of the hosts came out alone against Marc-Andre ter Stegen, but the goalkeeper saved.

With this match, Messi`s sanction for his red card against Athletic Bilbao expired a week ago. Today, Ronald Koeman had no options and again bet on an attack on Martin Braithwaite, Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele, assisted by Pedry. Samuel Umtiti was at the center of the defense.

Elche is a rookie and performs very poorly, being in the relegation zone. The stars of the team this season are Lucas Boye and Hosan Fernandez, who have scored a total of seven goals. Both were starters today.

The guests did not start confidently, although they had more control over the ball. The players in white teams had lined up well in their half. Therefore, the first opportunity for Barca came after a static situation in which Ousmane Dembele centered and Antoine Griezmann intercepted with his head, but right in the hands of the goalkeeper.

Kuman`s team continued to struggle and almost even got a goal. In the 20th, Raul Guti managed to shoot a header, but the ball went over the crossbar of the door of Mark-Andre ter Stegen. In those minutes Dembele overdid the individual game, which made it easier for the hosts and they easily stopped the attacks of the guests.

In the 29th Jordi Alba chose to shoot from over 20 meters, but Edgar Badia was not threatened.

Only in the 34th minute was there a chance for Barca to surprise the opponent. Dembele passed to Pedry in the penalty area, but he did not shoot, which seemed to be wrong. A pass to Sergio Busquets followed and his shot, which did not turn out to be a problem for the goalkeeper.

Two minutes later, Pedry had the courage to strike and he was the most dangerous of all, but also did not fall into the net.

In the end, Barcelona managed to take the lead in the 39th. Then Braithwaite centered from the left and in an effort to kill the ball, Elche defender Diego Gonzalez deflected it into the net of his own goal. Just before the ball crossed the goal line with its entire volume, however, De Jong kicked it - 1:0 for the Catalans.

Immediately after that, the hosts made their first shot in the outline of Ter Stegen`s goal, but the German caught Hosan`s jester. `Los Cules` came out for the second half with the idea to score a quick second goal, but they did not succeed. In the 56th minute, they even allowed Emiliano Rigoni to come out alone against Ter Stegen, but the guard deflected. The mistake here was the young Oscar Mingesa.

Dembele had a chance, but to no avail.

Pedry was not far from a goal in the 67th minute when a shot? Football tips - more details and information: Football tips

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