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The 2009 champion Rafael Nadal (Spain) qualified for the fourth round of the Australian Open. Number 2 Nadal beat Cameron Nori (UK) 7-5, 6-2, 7-5 in 2:15.

The Spaniard reached the fourth round of a Grand Slam tournament via buy football picks for the 49th time in his career.
Nadal made four breakthroughs in the match and lost his pass once. He closed the first set after a breakthrough in the 12th game, in the second half there were no problems, and in the third set he managed to win after a new breakthrough in the last game.
`It`s normal when you`re in the third round to play against good opponents. I`m happy, I feel good. I`m glad they`re moving forward. I`m entering the second week, that`s the most important thing. I`m getting in shape and I hope on Mondayto be better. The feeling is completely different, we live in a different world. I hope that the situation will change and the audience will return, `said the Spaniard after the match.
Nadal, 34, who is fighting for a record 21st Slam title, will play in the next round against Italian Fabio Fonini.
Number 16 in the Fonini scheme eliminated Alex De Minor (Australia) with 6:4, 6:3, 6:4 in 2:09 hours.
The ninth in the scheme Mateo Beretini (Italy) also continues in the fourth round after a success over Karen Khachanov (Russia) with 7:6 (1), 7:6 (5), 7:6 (5) for nearly three hours of play.
In the first set, the two exchanged two breakthroughs, and in the next two parts Beretini and Khachanov won their pass, but the Italian managed to win all three tiebreaks.

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