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Real Madrid`s Brazilian midfielder Casemiro has played 12 consecutive games in 56 days, writes Marca in a material dedicated to the 28-year-old defensive midfielder, who has 5 goals in all tournaments since the beginning of the season. Casemiro has no real competition at the Santiago Bernabeu since the departure of Marcos Llorente in 2019 and has not missed a meeting of `Los Blancos` on December 20, according to the Spanish edition. Casemiro has taken part in Madrid`s last 10 La Liga matches and has also played once for the Spanish Super Cup and the Copa del Rey. The Brazilian has accumulated 1, 100 minutes in this series of 12 consecutive games, but this is nothing new for him, as between August 17 and December 11, 2020 he recorded 21 consecutive matches, being replaced only against Levante and Galatasaray.

There is no time for Kazemiro to rest and due to the huge number of injuries, the players of the team have suffered this season. White coach Zinedine Zidane could not rely on Casemiro this season until the midfielder tested positive for coronavirus in November. In fact, the former Porto player has had only one injury in the last 4 seasons. This happened in November 2018, when a sprained ankle took Casemiro out of the game for 37 days. This season, the Brazilian has 27 of 31 possible matches for Real Madrid, and in the 2019/20 season he recorded 46 matches advised by football partners out of 51 possible.

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